Forensic Services

Dr. Meyers has been an expert witness in San Diego Superior Court since 1986. She performs pre-sentencing evaluations, assessment of dangerousness, mental competency, sanity evaluations, and assessment of risk and recidivism. She is a former Senior Clinical Psychologist with the Forensic Evaluation Unit, San Diego County Superior Court. She has written on the diagnosis of sexual trauma using projective testing and the evaluation of cross-cultural factors in stalking behavior. She frequently testifies in both Superior and Federal Court.

Dr. Meyers is widely regarded as one of the region's leading forensics experts. Her publications include:

Meyers, J., "Cross-Cultural Factors in Erotomania and Obsessional Following." The Psychology of Stalking: Clinical and forensic perspectives. Meloy, J.R. (Ed.). Academic Press, 1998.

Meyers, J. and Meloy, J.R. Discussion of "A comparative study of erotomanic and obsessional subjects in a forensic sample" (letter to the editor). Journal of Forensic Sciences, 1994.

"The Rorschach as a Tool to Understanding the Dynamics of Women's' Histories of Incest," in Primitive Mental States and the Rorschach. Editors: Paul Lerner, Ed.D. and Howard Lerner, Ph.D. International University Press 1988.

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