Services Provided in Conjunction with the CCAI

Dr. Judith Meyers, a clinical psychologist licensed in California, is an author, consultant and psychotherapist. Dr. Meyers is the co-author of the Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (Kelley and Meyers, 1992).

Dr. Meyers has been an adviser to consulting firms throughout the country in developing services in the area of international assignments. She also assists companies in developing programs in the areas of selection and training in the use of the CCAI program.

Her consulting services in the cross-cultural field include: pre-departure screening; The International Executive Selection and Development System; and Executive Coaching.

Pre-departure Assessments

CCAI Self-Assessment and Training Program

This program is designed for use during the hiring and/or orientation process to assist potential employees in making an informed decision about working on global assignments. The program will:

It is recommended that individuals within the organization who interface with these designated employees be trained in the use and interpretation of the CCAI and related materials. This allows the CCAI results to be put into a meaningful context and accurately interpreted. This is accomplished through Train the Trainer sessions.

Short-Term Assignee Assessment and Development

This program is targeted to those individuals who are already selected and hired for a particular assignment, based on their technical competence and willingness to go to a foreign location. The goal of the program is to:

It is assumed that short-term assignments do not involve spouses. Spousal issues would be dealt with on an individual basis.

The International Executive Selection and Development System

This program is targeted to international executives and their families. It is designed for the:

In recognizing the importance of the family to the overall success of the assignment, this program also involves spouses and prepares the family for the cross-cultural experience with culture-general and country-specific training.

The goals of the program are to encourage self-selection, identify potential risk factors associated with the premature termination of international assignments, and help executives develop the required global competencies needed to perform at a superior level. This program involves components of the aforementioned programs and is individualized to meet the goals of the organization.

The CCAI is the focus of the program, as it is quickly and easily administered on-line and computer-scored for immediate feedback. When combined with a diagnostic on-line battery, it will:

The knowledge obtained by the evaluation includes:

The components of the program are the following:

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