Dimensions and Scales


Norms are based on a total of 653 male and female subjects who tended to be highly educated.


Emotional Resilience (ER) Scale Helps measure the degree to which an individual can rebound and react positively to new experiences.

Flexibility/Openness (FO) Scale Helps measure the extent to which a person enjoys the different ways of thinking and behaving that are typically encountered in the cross-cultural experience.

Perceptual Acuity (PAC) Scale Helps measure the extent to which a person pays attention to and accurately perceives various aspects of the environment.

Personal Autonomy (PA) Scale Helps measure the extent to which an individual has evolved a personal system of values and beliefs and at the same time respects others and their value systems.



A self-scored profile helps depict scores within each of the four cross-cultural dimensions.

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