Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) Products

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CCAI user's Manual

Facilitator Set

The CCAI Facilitator Set includes a detailed step-by-step facilitator guide with instructions for planning and delivering a full day learning experience. It also includes samples of the Self Assessment, the Cultural Passport to Anywhere, and the Action Planning Guide.


CCAI Self-Assessment

CCAI Self Assessment

Based on four critical areas for cross-cultural competence, the CCAI Self Assessment is available as a paper assessment booklet or online.


CCAI Action Planning Guide

Cultural Passport to Anywhere Workbook and Action Planning Guide Set

This set is designed to be used with the CCAI Facilitator Set and includes the Cultural Passport to Anywhere Workbook and the Action Planning Guide.


CCAI Multi-Rater Kit

Action Planning Guide

The Action Planning Guide helps participants to develop strategies for implementing changes to their behaviors and attitudes based on the information gained from the Self Assessment.

CCAI Facilitator's Guide

Cultural Passport to Anywhere

18-page participant workbook for training, to be used with the CCAI Facilitator's Guide. The Cultural Passport to Anywhere gives participants an opportunity to explore their cultural background and understand their interactions with other cultures.


CCAI Passport to Anywhere

Facilitator's Guide

Seven hours of modular activities for training, classroom, or counseling sessions. Used with the CCAI Cultural Passport to Anywhere and the Self Assessment, as well as the Action Planning Guide.





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